Conference Events & Schedule


The registration will start at 8 am on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, with the conference commencing at 8:30 am. 

[Details of the full program will be released soon.]


A Welcome Drinks Reception will be held on the first night (Wednesday, April 4, 2018) at 19:00 pm in Glasgow City Chambers on George Square in the City Centre. Dress code is smart casual. Entry to the reception will be by delegate badge and is included in the registration fee.

City Chambers


On the last night (19:30 pm – midnight, Thursday April 5 2018) there will be a 3-course hot dinner (buffet), drinks reception and Ceilidh (traditional Scottish dancing) at Òran Mór in the West End. Attendance is an additional fee of £50.

Òran Mór


Key Note Speakers 

Prof. Batja Mesquita

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – Social and Cultural Psychology Unit, KU Leuven, Belgium

TALK TITLE: Emotional Acculturation: Emotions as Gateways to Minority Inclusion

People learn to have emotions that fit the values central to their own culture, and that benefit the types of relationships that are valued in that culture. By sharing the emotions of the culture, individuals align themselves –often unwittingly– with the values of their groups and cultures. Thus, cultural variations in emotional phenomena are best understood as a function of culturally normative relationship goals that tell individuals how to feel, when to feel and why to feel. Considered this way, having the “right” emotions is a key social competence in achieving belongingness, fit and wellbeing. In this talk I present research on emotional acculturation, and its consequences for belongingness, fit, and wellbeing of immigrant minorities. I will also discuss how our insights on emotional acculturation may inform interventions to improve the belongingness and wellbeing of immigrant minorities.


Prof. Stacy Marsella

Stacy C. Marsella


Symposia Titles 

  • Affect recognition in humans versus machines: current issues and future challenges
  • Affective social learning: process, context and development
  • Cross-linguistic and/or cross-cultural communication of emotion
  • Culture and emotion: their interplay at different levels of analysis
  • Deadly sins revisited: a new look at the social nature of envy, pride, and greed
  • Dispatch from the ERC cream project: four new software tools to manipulate audio emotional signals in cognitive psychology and neuroscience research
  • Emotions and emerging technologies: internet-of-things, virtual reality, robots and more
  • Facial displays and their challenge to basic emotion theories
  • Facial expression and emotional mimicry in social interaction
  • Intrapersonal and interpersonal functions of crying
  • Learning about emotional expression through intentional communication
  • Neurochemistry of affect: the role of the opioid system
  • New directions on moral emotions: their expression, interpretation, and significance
  • New insights into the interplay between emotion and motivation: how emotions and affect impact and reflect motivation
  • New insights into disgust sensitivity
  • Relations between emotion, attention, psychopathology and the brain
  • Valence


Conference Program

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