It is our pleasure and honour, as Conference Chair and co-Chair, to welcome all delegates from many countries and regions to the 8th CERE 2020 conference on Emotion Research held in Granada and its ancient and honorable university. This conference has a proud history of being held in various countries in Europe since its start in 2004. During this period, the conference has made substantial contribution to the development of emotion research.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the scientific and organization members and many other people who have made such great efforts to set up this conference. Most important of all, however, we are sincerely thankful for your attending as a delegate to the conference.

Dr. Inmaculada Valor-Segura and Dr. Manuel J. Ruiz


Scientific Committee

Agneta Fischer (University of Amsterdam)

Rachael Jack, (University of Glasgow)

Ruthie Pliskin,  (University of Leiden)

Henk Van Steenbergen (University of Leiden)

Roger Giner-Sorolla (University of Kent)

Wilco Van Dijk (University of Leiden)

Martin Krippl (University of Magdeburg)

Julia Sasse (Max Planck Institute)

Job Van der Schalk (University of Cardiff)

Pierre Philippot (University of Louvain)

Inmaculada Valor-Segura (University of Granada)

Natalio Extremera Pacheco (University of Málaga)

Lourdes Rey Peña (University of Málaga)


Organization Committee

Inmaculada Valor-Segura (University of Granada)

Manuel J. Ruiz (University of Extremadura)

Agneta Fischer (University of Amsterdam)

Martin Krippl (University of Magdeburg)

Rachael Jack, (University of Glasgow)


Local Organization Committee

Inmaculada Valor-Segura (University of Granada)

Manuel J. Ruiz (University of Extremadura)

Francisca Expósito (University of Granada)

Ginés Navarro Carrillo (University of Jaén)

Gemma Sáez Díaz (Universidad Loyola Andalucía)

Luis M. Lozano Fernández (University of Granada)

Alberto Acosta (University of Granada)

Jesús López Megías (University of Granada)

Miguel C. Moya Morales (University of Granada)

Rosa Rodríguez-Bailón (University of Granada)



Early-Stage Researchers Organization Committee

Marta Garrido Macías (University of Granada)

María Alonso Ferres (University of Granada)

Celia Serrano Montilla (University of Granada)

María Dolores Sánchez Hernández (University of Granada)

Laura Villanueva Moya (University of Granada)

Marta Badenes Sastre (University of Granada)

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